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......Welcome to Premier Impressions, revitalise your home and increase its value.......
We are big enough to cope and small enough to care!

We are a small...local... elite team that genuinely pride ourselves on the work we do. We are only a small team of 4 and work like no one else, were like brothers really and have had many years experience in the trade and have now come together in our own company. With all the knowledge we have picked up between us over the years it still amazes us that so much money, time and materials are wasted at the cost of the customers. At IMPRESSIONS we have no board of directors and range rovers to support but only ourselves at a massive saving to YOU. All our tools, vehicles and equipment are owned and not rented/leased so there are no hidden costs and no chance of us going bust or disappearing half way through the job.

Admittedly we cannot beat Dave and John’s price from the pub as we only use the best materials and use enough of them to give you a much stronger and longer lasting finish. With at least 5 years guarantee on all our work you can have complete peace of mind your home is in good hands.

All our products are supplied by PICS one of the largest and well known quality suppliers and give the highest quality of training in the industry. We attend all their training sessions on regular basis to keep up with all the latest materials and techniques.

Every home is unique and no two are the same, this is where we can personalise and tailor this just for you. With our mass of designs and galleries to chose from we are sure to find something to suit you and your budget. Please feel free to ask James or Jason for a friendly (not pushy hard sell from sales men!) home visit.

Tel: 01777 858158 Email: info@premier-impressions.co.uk

Pattern imprinted concrete specialists in Nottinghamshire area

Approved by PICS